Facebook Pages

West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch runs a collection of official Facebook Pages to publish Safety, Crime and Crime prevention information provided by the community and Police.

Our official pages


West Mercia 
Alvechurch – Wythall
Bredon Hill Villages
Droitwich Spa
Evesham and Pershore
Hereford City
Teme Valley
Worcester City

Posting to our pages

Send a direct message to the page you want your message posted on and our social media team will make the post.

We only make posts related to Safety, Crime and Crime Prevention, before sending us the details report it to the Police on 101 or in an emergency 999, make a note of the incident number and include it in your post details.  You can include any pictures you have related to the incident in your message.  Our social media team will be there to help you if you need it.

Have you secured your social media profiles?

Criminals can use the information you post on social media to steal your identity, money and break into your home, protect your online identity and be thoughtful about what you post.

We will be providing more information here in the near future and also publishing some articles on being safe online..

We apply a strict posting policy to all of our official Facebook pages, to try to keep the pages free from:

  • Online anti-social behaviour
  • Political bias
  • Unsolicited advertising
  • Fake reports

 We apply the following rules when considering information to post:

  1. Posts must be related to SAFETY, CRIME or CRIME PREVENTION, occasional missing/found pets is also allowable.
  2. We do not allow on-line anti-social behaviour towards other users of the page, page administrators or the police.  This includes aggressive or insulting commentary.
  3. We will make posts from information received first hand from members of the public if it has been reported to the Police and has an incident number.
  4. Posts from members of the public will be posted without revealing the source of the post.
  5. We will make posts from information received from the Police, so long as it is relevant and passes the “SO WHAT” test. 
  6. We will make posts from West Mercia Police CMS, typically once or twice each day grouping all of the various messages in to a single post.
  7. Each post will be accompanied by 2 pictures, that relate to the primary content of the post.   Where the images are not provided by the contributor “Example picture only” must be included in the post.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our social media activities.

  • Moderator/researcher
    • Facebook page moderator
    • Facebook researcher
    • Twitter researcher
  • Editor/jounalist
    • Facebook pages editor
    • Police messages editor
    • News journalist
    • Campaigns journalist
  • Social media coordinator

For more information about each role email volunteers@westmercianw.org.uk or to register an interest or to apply for one of the roles above use the form below.

Information you share here will is only used in relation to your application to volunteer for the social media team, this information will not be shared or used for any other purpose



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