We Alert mobile app.

Who is it for?

Any neighbourhood community or group

What does it do?


Receive real-time alert notifications from scheme members and law enforcement.​


Send your own real-time alerts to any of your groups, plus comment on alerts you have received.

Private conversation

Start a private conversation with a member in your scheme group.

Personal groups

Create your own personal groups, choose who from your scheme group are in your personal groups


Privacy, only your screen name is visible to others in your group, no e-mails or personal data is shared with anyone.

Choose what you see

Choose for yourself which types of alerts you want to follow.

Quality alerts

Easy to make good substantive reports through clear structure and on-screen help.

Multiple groups

Easy to be a member of multiple groups

Free to use

App is sponsored by donations and commercial sponsors

Full information about the app can be found at www.WeAlert.io

How to get started

  1. Download the WeAlert app onto your smart phone or tablet.
    Google Play   Apple store
  2. Register in the app using your e-mail address or your Facebook Id, you will automatically be enrolled in your local scheme group.
  3. To setup a new scheme group contact wealert@westmercianw.org.uk by email and we will help you setup your local open or closed community group.
  4. Optionally create your own personal groups, inviting members from your local group into your “trusted circle”.
  5. Use the app to send and receive alert messages to your local group, or any of your personal groups either anonymously or using your screen name only.
Having problems registering?

The app uses Google maps to identify the location of your address, so that we can pre-register you with ‘open’ groups in your area, you can check your address by searching for it using the Google maps app or by using Google maps in a web browser .

We do not use the address details for any other purpose,  other than to set a default location for any alerts you might raise if you have chosen not to share your GPS location with the app.

we do not require your registered location to be completely accurate, close is good enough.

More information

Any Neighbourhood Watch scheme or group of individuals who want to look out for each other can register a group.  For example a street or parish Neighbourhood Watch scheme can have a group that is open for anyone in the catchment area of the group to join.  Small groups of neighbours can also register for closed groups which can be by invitation only.

Within that group each member can create their own personal groups and select trusted members they know from the scheme group to add to their private groups.

The app provides 2 tier alerts, the first being to the scheme group for law enforcement and anonymous alerts from local residents, and the second being for alerts within members personal private groups.

The app provides each user with control over the types of alerts they are notified of, plus the ability to acknowledge an alert without sending a notification to everyone in the group. Keeping the “alert notification” to just the important updates.

Members can add pictures, comments and information to alerts, and can choose to be notified as the alert is updated by others too.


The service is managed by West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch and is free to use. The software and service is provided by Veiligebuurt from the Netherlands. The app has been created for Neighbourhood Watch and already has a large number of users in the Netherlands and a growing community in the United Kingdom and United States.


The cost of running of the service is funded by donations from various benefactors across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States, Development of new features is funded by sponsorship from various local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and donations from benefactors.


We understand that the identity of those supporting the fight against crime needs to be closely protected from the criminals we seek to stop. Contact details are held securely and not shared with anyone


  • Suspicious person
  • Threat of violence
  • Harassment
  • Burglary
  • Car break in
  • Doorstep scams
  • Scammed
  • Vandalism of private property
  • Vehicle vandalised
  • Vehicle scratched
  • Nuisance

Known Issues

We are aware that the WeAlert app has the following issues.

- no other issues -
Back button does not work.
This problem affects iPhoneX series and Huawei P20 mobile phones, whilst this makes using the app more difficult it does not prevent you from receiving alerts. A fix is being worked on and will be released shortly. 

If this affects your phone too please report it under New
-- 16 Jun 2019 --
- no issues -

If you have found a problem with the app please let us know, fill in the form below and we will pass it to the development team to take a look,  Or,

You can report a new issue directly to the developers using the app, tap  more  in the bar at the bottom of the screen and then tap “Report a problem

Thank you for your support.