Neighbours have been watching out for each other for thousands of years, being a good neighbour is much easier today but the outcomes are still the same. Together we can make our communities safer and nicer places to live.

Neighbours watching out for each other is what we are are about, and most of us already do it every day without thinking. Let’s do it together and let the power of community make a real difference.

Studies commissioned by Neighbourhood Watch Network indicate significant reduction in crime and fear of crime in active Neighbourhood Watch areas.


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Sign up – Register as a member of Neighbourhood Watch and join a scheme, or setup a new scheme in your area if one does not already exist.

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West Mercia Police have a new community messaging service called Neighbourhood Matters. If you are already a member of NW then you do not need to sign up to this as you can automatically receive the messages for your area by ensuring that the ‘Police’ option is ‘ticked’ for the Information Providers within your NW account.

If you are not an NW member,  but reside within the West Mercia Police Force area, and would like to receive crime alerts, crime prevention advice and community safety information. from West Mercia Police, then you can sign up here to receive them. 

It is not the responsibility of NW Coordinators to report crimes onto West Mercia Police on behalf of NW Members or other local residents.
If you wish to report a crime, any suspicious activity or any other incident, to West Mercia Police –  This can be done directly by going to the link here.
If the matter is an emergency, please dial 999 immediately.

West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch is supported by West Mercia Police, Citizens in Policing of West Mercia Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.