Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes there is no charge to join Neighbourhood Watch, simply register on the OurWatch website.

Some schemes collect a donation for the work they do in the community, this is usually very small and should be optional.

If you have any issues with scheme coordinators charging mandatory fees to join, let us know and we will discuss their policies with them.

Any registered* members of Neighbourhood Watch are eligible to apply for window stickers, where appropriate we recommend a sticker at the font and rear/side of the property where someone might have access.  They should be placed in a prominent location to be visible before someone enters your property.

If your vehicles are parked on or near your property you might also consider placing a sicker in the front window where the tax disc used to go, as this might be a more visible location.

The West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch member stickers have a space on the reverse to record the phone number of someone to contact in case of an emergency.

Any registered* scheme of more than 5 households will qualify for free street signs. (Subject to availability)  
We might have to charge for delivery if we need to package and post the signs/stickers.

Contact us by email for details.

[Registered* – refers to members and schemes registered on the National Neighbourhood Watch website 

Starting a scheme is simple follow these steps.

  1. Register on the OurWatch website
  2. Register your scheme on the OurWatch website
  3. Get your neighbours to register and join your scheme.
  4. Email us to setup your scheme on WeAlert
  5. Request your signs and stickers

No, all of our official pages are managed by the social media team, if you want to share an incident, direct message the page you would like the post to be made to and the team will take the details from you and make the post on your behalf.

It is important that we protect your privacy and perform some verification checks to ensure that the post is accurate.

For posts about crime or suspicious behaviour you will have to have reported it to the police first and provide the incident number for your report.
This ensures that if someone else has information about your incident they can quote the incident number when passing the information to the police.

Yes you can create your own Facebook Page, or Group (open or closed)

For more information see our quick guide.

If you have a complaint about a scheme or a scheme coordinator. email

If you have a complaint about something on one of our Facebook pages. email