Register with Neighbourhood Watch


West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch does not keep your registration details in a database, but instead uses the Neighbourhood Watch Network registration scheme.

You can register as a member, you can join an existing scheme or you can start and create your own scheme on the website.
The national database is operated by VisaV and has the generic name of “Neighbourhood Alert”.

We will redirect you to the main Neighbourhood Watch Network website, to the registration form.

If you have any problems registering you can contact the West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch membership team who will be happy to help you.



You can use our guides below to help you sign up to Neighbourhood Watch.

How to Join Neigbourhood Watch as a Member & Join a Local Scheme

How to Create and Register Your Own Scheme

How to Join an existing Local Scheme if you are already a registered member

Please note this is different to signing up for messages direct from West Mercia Police, you can register for police messages here.